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histo- +‎ immunological


histoimmunological (not comparable)

  1. histological and immunological
    • 2015 November 11, “Schisandrin B Ameliorates ICV-Infused Amyloid β Induced Oxidative Stress and Neuronal Dysfunction through Inhibiting RAGE/NF-κB/MAPK and Up-Regulating HSP/Beclin Expression”, in PLOS ONE[1], DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0142483:
      Likewise, TUNEL positive cells measured by histoimmunological method was markedly increased in Aβ infused rats but was dose-dependently reduced to 45.4% and 63.6% with 25 and 50 mg of Sch B, respectively (Fig 6B and 6D ), indicating the inhibition of apoptotic cell death might be the major cause of the preventive effect of Sch B on neuronal cell death.