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holla back (countable and uncountable, plural holla backs)

  1. (informal) A holler back; a reply.
  2. (informal) An echo of voices, much like the response of a crowd to a cheerleader.
  3. (informal, uncountable) Feedback.


holla back

  1. (informal) To reply.
    • 2008, Sandra Foy, This Life Isn't Perfect Holla, ISBN 1585715859:
      “Earth to Kimi, holla back,” Yvonne taunts after I miss another easy serve.
    • 2012, Vanessa Clark, Essential Encouragement: Poetry with a Purpose, ISBN 1477263519, page 71:
      When depression or breakdown is hollerin' at you . . . . holla back. When temptation or weakness is hollerin' at you . . . . holla back.
    • 2013, Melissa de la Cruz, Sun-Kissed, ISBN 1442474165, page 80:
      Holla back, girl! Where are you?” Mara asked, feeling a flush of happiness at hearing Eliza's throaty voice.
  2. (slang) To make or respond to romantic or sexual overtures.
    • 2003, Qvmagazine - Volume 6, Issues 1-2:
      I have a goatee, moustache, and medium thick eyebrows. Here to meet some cool peeps so Holla back at your Boy.
    • 2007, Eldon M. Thomas, Poems by E Presents from the Light to the Darkness and Back to Life, page 1434324362:
      So holla back at me beautiful sista girl Let this chocolate lover into your chocolate world
    • 2009, Ian J. Findlay & Saunie Brown, Women: The New Doggs, ISBN 1469116006:
      “Anyway,” She grabbed his dick through his black silk boxers, “I'll holla back big man."
    • 2010, M. L. Matthews, I Am Not the Father: Narratives of Men Falsely Accused of Paternity, ISBN 1426937032, page 78:
      You don't break up with me then try to holla back at me. So that's when she called asking if we can have a sexual type of relationship.
  3. (informal) To contact again at a later time.
    • 2006, Sexton Classford, The Reading: What You Knew You Didn't Know, ISBN 0595401139, page 30:
      Holla back when you get outta church. just got ya message, i saw it when it popped up.
    • 2009, Adriana Jai Wynn-Yeldell, Climbing Trees and Hiding in the Bushes, ISBN 1438989172, page 338:
      I feel ya man, go set her straight on Cally and holla back at me.
    • 2010, Tamika Davis, If I Knew Back Then What I Know Now, ISBN 0557375444, page 39:
      “Alright I'll do that and holla back on Monday with the 411. Talk to you soon cuz."
    • 2012, Earl Sewell, Back To Me, ISBN 1460885430:
      I'll holla back at you later, he wrote, ending our conversation.