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homœograph (plural homœographs)

  1. Alternative spelling of homeograph
    • 1960, William Langland and George Kane, Piers Plowman, pages 154,{1} 161,{2} and 163{3} (University of London, Athlone Press):
      {1} This makes it unlikely that in them comist is a homœograph for comsist. But the words are very similar in shape, and careless reading of an original comsist may have resulted in substitution of comist.
      {2} Assuming such a difficult original, bigge, bete, boten, antendyn are substitutions guided by the context, and pinke on probably a gloss of a homœograph or misreading mynde.
      {3} At XI 80 the difficult original whyes is confirmed by the occurrence of the homœograph weyes and the near-gloss priuytes among the variants.