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homburg (plural homburgs)

  1. Alternative form of Homburg
    • 1953 April 27, A Hat for Akihito, Life, page 62,
      But Akihito, wearing an outsized black homburg, appeared on Canada′s railroad station platforms, talked with strangers in fluent English, rode in a locomotive cab.
    • 1982, Shirley Miles O′Donnol, American Costume, 1915-1970: A Source Book for the Stage Costumer, 1989, page 182,
      For evening wear, a black, dark gray, or midnight blue homburg hat was appropriate. With formal evening attire of white tie and tails, a black silk top hat was worn. For daytime, a derby or homburg might be worn.
    • 1995, Joan L. Severa, Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion, 1840-1900[1], page 283:
      In the next chair, the man wears a well-worn outfit consisting of a black homburg hat and a sack suit of black wool made with shawl collar and bound edges.