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Alternative forms[edit]


From homogen(eous) +‎ -ize.



homogenize (third-person singular simple present homogenizes, present participle homogenizing, simple past and past participle homogenized)

  1. To make homogeneous, to blend or puree.
  2. Specifically, to treat milk so that the cream no longer separates.
  3. To make homogeneous or uniform.
    • 2015, David T. Mitchell, ‎Sharon L. Snyder, The Biopolitics of Disability, page 21:
      While we neither refute nor endorse this contention of arrival at a more inclusive postmodernity, our analyses seek to explore the strange agencies that neoliberalism has set into motion under the banner of ablenationalism: first in a discussion of a backlash against the homogenizing implications of universal disability access design in cities and national monuments addressed by the contemporary European art theorist Paul Virilio, and in the complaints about paving over U.S. national parklands by American desert environmentalist Edward Abbey.

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