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honeybadger (plural honeybadgers)

  1. Alternative form of honey badger
    • 1984, Gus Adendorff, Hilary Rennie, Wild Company, page 51,
      The Africans have often mentioned to me that a honeybadger (shidzidzi) when cornered, will stand his ground against any living thing and give a good account of himself into the bargain.
    • 1990, Mike Nicol, The Powers That Be[1], page 58:
      ‘Don′t any of you come sneaking around or you′ll feel the size of my fist and a length of sjambok across your bums, ja,’ he shouted, shaking fist and whip; then charged down the boards with the look of an angry honeybadger so that the fisherfolk scattered like gulls.
    • 2006, Donald Bain, Murder, HE Wrote: A Successful Writer′s Life[2], page 150:
      There were two major projects I was expected to throw myself into with the zeal of a cornered honeybadger.