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hootch (countable and uncountable, plural hootches)

  1. (archaic) Alternative form of hooch
    • 1911, Robert W. Service, The Trail of '98[1]:
      "I can't hold my hootch so well as I could a few summers ago--and many hard Falls.
    • 1920, Ralph S. Kendall, The Luck of the Mounted[2]:
      "Th' few shots av hootch ye had tu throw inta yu' last night tu get ye're Dutch up must be makin' ye see double, me man.
    • 1922, Robert C. Benchley, Love Conquers All[3]:
      The basic idea of "Rip Van Winkle" would lend itself admirably to Broadway treatment, for Mr. MacKaye has taken liberties, with the legend and introduced the topical idea of a Magic Flask, containing home-made hootch.