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  1. present participle of horse


horsing (plural horsings)

  1. The military punishment of placing somebody on the back of another person, or on a wooden horse, etc., to be flogged.
    • 1826, William Oxberry, ‎Catherine Elizabeth Hewitt Oxberry, Oxberry's Dramatic Biography and Histrionic Anecdotes
      And though we cannot enumerate the “horsings,” and other little tender attentions that his juvenile indiscretions obtained him, we give him full credit for having received a modicum of castigation.
    • 1838, Thomas Dick, The educational magazine, and journal of Christian philanthropy
      He grew up mortal fond of trading, and with a mortal hatred to learning; he, however, was flogged through Osterald's abridgement of the New Testament once or twice, and got one or two horsings over a Chapter of Genesis []