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From Middle English *hotly, *hatliche, from Old English hātlīċe (ardently, fervently); equivalent to hot +‎ -ly.


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hotly (comparative more hotly, superlative most hotly)

  1. With great amounts of heat.
  2. In a heated manner; intensely or vehemently.
    • 1912, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World[1]:
      "You are really intolerable!" said I, hotly.
    • 1963 June, “News and Comment: The redundancy problem”, in Modern Railways, pages 362-363:
      The prospective staff redundancy that would ensue from adoption of the plan is, of course, one of the hotly controversial aspects of the proposals and the chief issue on which a three-day N.U.R. strike was threatened for May 14-16, a few days after this issue went to press.