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From Middle English houndli, hundli, from Old English hundlīċ (of or like dogs, canine), equivalent to hound +‎ -ly.


houndly (comparative houndlier or more houndly, superlative houndliest or most houndly)

  1. Of, like, or characteristic of hounds or dogs; doglike; dogly; canine.
    • 1865, Baily's Magazine of sports and pastimes - Volume 9 - Page 129:
      [...] all of which really ought to be secondary considerations to those two houndly gifts, the keen, discriminating sense of smell, and ready, truthful tongue.
    • 2008, Kitty Foth-Regner, Heaven Without Her:
      Of course, I knew he couldn't read; we loved this basset for his extraordinary beauty and houndly bouquet, not his brains. But he had been quite the book-hound as a youngster, [...]
    • 2013, Thomas J. Mattingly, Earl C. Hudson, Smokey:
      But nothing compares to the adoring look in those houndly eyes, nor the profound sigh of bliss when that large head is lowered onto your lap to receive gentle [...]