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housedoor (plural housedoors)

  1. Alternative spelling of house door
    • 1896-1899, republished in 2003 by Henry James in Novels, 1896-1899, volume 4, page 718:
      This visitor, a young woman of striking, of startling appearance, who, in the manner of certain shiny housedoors and railings, instantly created a presumption of the lurking label “Fresh paint,” found herself []
    • 1953, Samuel Beckett, Watt, page 51:
      He stood sideways in the kitchen doorway, looking at Watt, and Watt saw the housedoor open behind him []
    • 1992, Christopher A. Faraone, Talismans and Trojan horses: guardian statues in ancient Greek myth and ritual, page 8:
      No identifiable remains of these housedoor guardians or their bases have been detected in situ on archaeological sites, but, as in the case of the niches in city gates, a shallow recess off the street in front of the housedoor (a common feature in the classical period) seems ideally suited for statuettes, []