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housefloor (plural housefloors)

  1. Alternative form of house floor
    • 1984, in Concrete (journal of the Concrete Society), volume 18:
      A significant event is taking place in housefloor construction as Rackham Harding Precast, []
    • 1992, Michael Ernest Smith, Archaeological Research at Aztec-period Rural Sites in Morelos, page 253:
      Most are simple interments of a single infant or child, some buried with one or more ceramic vessels, and most burials are located in domestic contexts, either in midden areas or else under the housefloor.
    • 2003, Elizabeth M. Brumfiel, John W. Fox, Factional Competition and Political Development in the New World, page 39
      For example, in our Area A excavations we recovered a well-preserved housefloor with numerous postmolds atop a housemound 1 m high; the roofed-over floor space measured 6.2 m by 4.5 m or 27.9 square meters. By contrast, our Area D excavations exposed a housefloor with postmolds on a housemound just 55 centimeters in height; []