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houseslipper (plural houseslippers)

  1. Alternative spelling of house slipper
    • 1948, Virgil Scott, The Hickory Stick, page 88:
      The houses had been on Langley, McKinley, Allen, Twelfth, Eleventh, and Tenth, and sometimes the woman who answered the bell was fat and many-chinned and dressed in a dirty apron and run-over felt houseslippers, and sometimes she was thin and bony-chinned and dressed in a dirty apron and run-over felt houseslippers.
    • 1957, United States. National Labor Relations Board, Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board:
      In the houseslipper section at Fourth Street no employees are permanently assigned.
    • 1987, Susan Lenzkes, A silver pen for cloudy days, →ISBN, page 38:
      One day I witnessed our kitten bravely stalk and kill one of my most amenable, non-threatening houseslippers.
    • 1994, American Diplomatic and Consular Service, State, page 4:
      One game I play is to take an object my son likes to play with, like a houseslipper, and hide it underneath three or four towels.
    • 2000, Cynthia Yates, Brenda's Gift: A Novel, →ISBN, page 315:
      The shoe is going to drop any minute. When it did, it felt more like a fuzzy houseslipper than a heavy boot.
    • 2009, Jennifer Crane, Coopers Crossing, →ISBN, page 256:
      From the tangled pile of ugliness snarled on the bed, Sherry gleefully pulled a pair of Mrs. Smith's support hose, a pink houseslipper and a brown penny loafer, a black hairnet and a purple cameo choker, a bottle of cheap eau de cologne called Evening in Paris, and a red-orange lipstick.