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housewall (plural housewalls)

  1. Alternative spelling of house wall
    • 1959, William Stearns Davis, A day in old Rome: a picture of Roman life, page 17:
      [] To any later judgment this "Mercury Street" (so named from a local temple) is very narrow, not over fifteen feet from housewall to housewall.
    • 1993, Erwin Neumayer, Lines on stone: the prehistoric rock art of India, page 270:
      A comparison between ancient rock pictures and modern housewall pictures often discloses strong stylistic []
    • 1997, Richard J. Regan, The Human Constitution (translation of selected passages by Thomas Aquinas), page 19:
      But we obviously do not attribute the activity of seeing to a housewall because there are in the housewall the colors whose likenesses are in the sense of sight []