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house +‎ -ward


houseward (not comparable)

  1. Towards a house.
    • 1915, Emily Calvin Blake, Suzanna Stirs the Fire[1]:
      Peter moved reluctantly houseward, and Suzanna ended: "Isn't it fine that today was teachers' meeting so we could have a holiday?"
    • 1904, William Morris And A. J. Wyatt, The Tale of Beowulf[2]:
      Aright unto Hygelac 1970 Was Beowulf's speeding made knowen full swiftly, That there into the house-place that hedge of the warriors, His mate of the linden-board, living was come, Hale from the battle-play home to him houseward.
    • 1898, Henry Francis Keenan, The Iron Game[3]:
      The clamor of rushing steeds in the lane suddenly drowned this; a loud, joyous whinny sounded in the very kitchen it seemed, and there was a rush houseward past the pantry as of a troop of cavalry.