huat ah

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From Min Nan (hoat-ah), from (hoat, to produce, to grow, to develop, to prosper, to pay out) +‎ (ah, particle of exclamation).



huat ah

  1. (Singapore, Malaysia, informal) A traditional, festive expression used to wish oneself prosperity.
    • 2012 December 24, Albert Tay, “Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore”, in[1], retrieved 2016-04-01:
      For some strange reasons, some people are shouting "Huat ah" as they toss paper money in the air.
    • 2014, Jane Lai, “Yusheng designs”, in[2], retrieved 2016-04-01:
      Huat ah! The pronunciation of "eight" in Hokkien (Chinese dialect) sounds similar to "Prosperity". Good luck and may you win the lottery!
    • 2015, Yongnian Zheng and Liang Fook Lye, Singapore-China Relations, page 224:
      The lo hei dish eaten by Singaporeans to herald the Chinese New Year with shouts of "Huat ah!” festive greetings exemplifies a Chinese cuisine with local Singaporean identity.


huat ah

  1. (Singapore, Malaysia, informal, intransitive) To prosper.
    • 2008 December 31, babychloe, “TTCing2009/2010 babies grads”, in[3], retrieved 2016-04-01:
      This new year, all of us will huat ah!
    • 2010 December 27, Jaymeetan, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all”, in[4], retrieved 2016-04-02:
      And, I wish everyone a Happy New Year for the upcoming new year. Let's Huat ah!!
    • 2016 January 11, Joyce Yang, “12 New Stunning Looks Based On Your Zodiac to HUAT AH This Chinese New Year”, in[5], retrieved 2016-04-02:
      12 New Stunning Looks Based On Your Zodiac to HUAT AH This Chinese New Year

Usage notes[edit]

A customary expression used when tossing yusheng during Chinese New Year.