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From human +‎ -kind.


humankind ‎(uncountable)

  1. The human race; mankind, humanity; Homo sapiens.

Usage note[edit]

Considered more "politically correct" than "mankind", which it has largely replaced now. For example, in a work from 1934 we find:

1934, Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Commentary on The Holy Qur'an, note 3920 on 35:32:
Just as mankind was chosen collectively to be viceregents for God, and yet some among mankind fell into evil – there are some in the house of Islam who fail to follow the Light given to them, and thus "wrong their own souls."

But in a 1999 re-editioin by Islamic Propagation Centre International: Islamic Vision, the word "mankind" was replaced by "humankind" (and "God" by "Allah").