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  1. (qualifying a first-person pronoun) Grateful for the support of others, touched; honored, flattered.
  2. Overcome with humility; in awe of the strength of another or one's own weakness
    • 2010 February 1, Tom Hagan 'I am humbled by these people' National Catholic Reporter:
      They would continue to suffer greatly but they have a strength that is remarkable. I am humbled by them and privileged to be with them.

Usage note[edit]

The use of such forms as "I am humbled" in victory speeches and the like has been criticised as an oxymoron given the meaning of the verb humble. It indicates modesty via a sense of unworthiness of the honor, or surprise at one's success; humility rather than humiliation. See also humblebrag.[1][2]



  1. simple past tense and past participle of humble


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