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hunt-and-peck (not comparable)

  1. Describing a method of typing used by a person unfamiliar with the layout of a keyboard or keypad in which the person has to search for the keys to be pressed or struck one by one and uses one or both index fingers to operate the keys; also used to describe a typist who uses this technique.
    • 2003, The Psychology of Problem Solving, edited by Janet E. Davidson and Robert J. Sternberg, Cambridge University Press, 2003, p.68
      When individuals type information into an automatic teller machine or enter a password to open a lock, they simply push a sequence of keys. They first find the key on the keypad and then push it with the index finger on their dominant hand until all the keys are pressed. Children and adults tend to use this hunt-and-peck method when they encounter an unfamiliar keypad.

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