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From hurried +‎ -ly.



hurriedly (comparative more hurriedly, superlative most hurriedly)

  1. In a hurried manner.
    • 1917, Anton Chekhov, translated by Constance Garnett, The Darling and Other Stories[1], Project Gutenberg, published 9 September 2004, →ISBN, page 71:
      The mother, Ekaterina Pavlovna, who at one time had been handsome, but now, asthmatic, depressed, vague, and over-feeble for her years, tried to entertain me with conversation about painting. Having heard from her daughter that I might come to Shelkovka, she had hurriedly recalled two or three of my landscapes which she had seen in exhibitions in Moscow, and now asked what I meant to express by them.
    • 1962 December, “A new Pullman era?”, in Modern Railways, page 362:
      If the kind of network we envisage is to be established, it would be unwise to begin any of its services hurriedly with older stock, which, however admirable in its day, now has an air of faded Edwardian splendour that is out of joint with the times.
    • 1965, James Holledge, What Makes a Call Girl?, London: Horwitz Publications, page 96:
      But Johnson [...] hurriedly [c]hanged his plea to guilty.
    • 2022 November 16, Mel Holley, “Network News: Rail strikes halted to allow for "intensive negotiations"”, in RAIL, number 970, page 8:
      The result was that trains ran as normal on November 7 and 9, although there was still disruption on Saturday November 5, owing to the short notice as rosters were hurriedly rewritten. Rosters are typically agreed a week in advance.