hybrid embryo

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hybrid embryo (plural hybrid embryos)

  1. An embryo resulting from the sperm of one species fertilising the egg of another.
    • 2008, David Batty, The Guardian, 19 May 2008:
      True hybrid embryos are the result of fertilising an egg with the sperm of another closely related species; for example, a mule is the hybrid offspring of a donkey and a horse.
  2. Specifically, an embryo created artificially which combines human and animal DNA, in various proportions, for the purposes of medical research.
    • 2008, Nicholas Watt, The Guardian, 20 May 2008:
      MPs pushed back the boundaries of science last night when they voted to allow the creation of hybrid embryos, which have a combination of human and animal DNA, as well as "saviour siblings" to save sick children.