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Borrowed from English Ireland.


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i-Ayilendi? class 5

  1. Ireland (a country in Europe)


Class 5, short locative
Singular Plural
Full form i-Ayilendi
Locative e-Ayilendi
Singular Plural
Full form i-Ayilendi
Simple form li-Ayilendi
Locative e-Ayilendi
Copulative yi-Ayilendi
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
Modifier Substantive Modifier Substantive
Class 1 we-Ayilendi owe-Ayilendi
Class 2 be-Ayilendi abe-Ayilendi
Class 3 we-Ayilendi owe-Ayilendi
Class 4 ye-Ayilendi eye-Ayilendi
Class 5 le-Ayilendi ele-Ayilendi
Class 6 e-Ayilendi awe-Ayilendi
Class 7 se-Ayilendi ese-Ayilendi
Class 8 ze-Ayilendi eze-Ayilendi
Class 9 ye-Ayilendi eye-Ayilendi
Class 10 ze-Ayilendi eze-Ayilendi
Class 11 lwe-Ayilendi olwe-Ayilendi
Class 14 be-Ayilendi obe-Ayilendi
Class 15 kwe-Ayilendi okwe-Ayilendi
Class 17 kwe-Ayilendi okwe-Ayilendi