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Future active participle of iaceō.


iacitūrus m (feminine iacitūra, neuter iacitūrum); first/second declension

  1. about to lie prostrate, about to lie down; about to recline
  2. about to lie ill, about to be sick
  3. about to linger, about to tarry
  4. about to be placed or situated, about to lie
  5. about to be low, flat or level
  6. about to lie still
  7. about to lie dead
  8. about to lie in ruins
  9. about to hang down loose
  10. (of the face or eyes) about to be fixed on the ground, about to be cast down
  11. about to be indolent, idle or inactive
  12. about to lie dormant or abandoned, about to be of no avail
  13. about to lie overthrown; about to be refuted; about to be despised
  14. (of speech or language) about to be languid, dull or lifeless


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative iacitūrus iacitūra iacitūrum iacitūrī iacitūrae iacitūra
genitive iacitūrī iacitūrae iacitūrī iacitūrōrum iacitūrārum iacitūrōrum
dative iacitūrō iacitūrō iacitūrīs
accusative iacitūrum iacitūram iacitūrum iacitūrōs iacitūrās iacitūra
ablative iacitūrō iacitūrā iacitūrō iacitūrīs
vocative iacitūre iacitūra iacitūrum iacitūrī iacitūrae iacitūra