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ice +‎ block


iceblock (plural iceblocks)

  1. A block of ice.
  2. (Australia, New Zealand) An ice lolly.
    • 1989, Mary Paul (editor, New Women′s Fiction[1], page 63:
      About this time I′m getting real thirsty and need an iceblock bad so I get on up and go into the dairy and take me a lemonade one, plus an aniseed wheel to keep up my energy.
    • 2010, J A Mawter, So Feral!, unnumbered page,
      We meet at Robson′s corner for an iceblock — Josh, Elliot, Ryan, Finn, and me — searching for something to do.
    • 2010, Karen Fischer, Healthy Family, Happy Family: The Complete Healthy Guide to Feeding Your Family[2], page 58:
      Of course my daughter said today was iceblock day, which happened to be Friday, so iceblocks became a Friday after-school treat.