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From Arabic إِدَارَة(ʾidāra).



idare (definite accusative idareyi, plural idareler)

  1. (management) administration, management
  2. (government) governance


Nominative idare
Definite accusative idareyi
Singular Plural
Nominative idare idareler
Definite accusative idareyi idareleri
Dative idareye idarelere
Locative idarede idarelerde
Ablative idareden idarelerden
Genitive idarenin idarelerin
Possessive forms
Nominative Singular Plural
1st singular idarem idarelerim
2nd singular idaren idarelerin
3rd singular idaresi idareleri
1st plural idaremiz idarelerimiz
2nd plural idareniz idareleriniz
3rd plural idareleri idareleri
Definite accusative Singular Plural
1st singular idaremi idarelerimi
2nd singular idareni idarelerini
3rd singular idaresini idarelerini
1st plural idaremizi idarelerimizi
2nd plural idarenizi idarelerinizi
3rd plural idarelerini idarelerini
Dative Singular Plural
1st singular idareme idarelerime
2nd singular idarene idarelerine
3rd singular idaresine idarelerine
1st plural idaremize idarelerimize
2nd plural idarenize idarelerinize
3rd plural idarelerine idarelerine
Locative Singular Plural
1st singular idaremde idarelerimde
2nd singular idarende idarelerinde
3rd singular idaresinde idarelerinde
1st plural idaremizde idarelerimizde
2nd plural idarenizde idarelerinizde
3rd plural idarelerinde idarelerinde
Ablative Singular Plural
1st singular idaremden idarelerimden
2nd singular idarenden idarelerinden
3rd singular idaresinden idarelerinden
1st plural idaremizden idarelerimizden
2nd plural idarenizden idarelerinizden
3rd plural idarelerinden idarelerinden
Genitive Singular Plural
1st singular idaremin idarelerimin
2nd singular idarenin idarelerinin
3rd singular idaresinin idarelerinin
1st plural idaremizin idarelerimizin
2nd plural idarenizin idarelerinizin
3rd plural idarelerinin idarelerinin


Derived terms[edit]