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identificatory (not comparable)

  1. Serving to identify something; identifying.
    • 1996, Jan Joosten, The Syriac language of the Peshitta and old Syriac versions of Matthew, page 86:
      The important distinction between descriptive and identificatory nonverbal clauses []
    • 1989, Frank Kuppner, A Very Quiet Street, page 72:
      Are we to listen seriously to the identificatory evidence of people who do not notice the most strikingly obvious quality of the identifyee?
  2. Tending to identify oneself with someone or something; engendering association.
    • 1973, Oliver Sacks, Awakenings:
      Her attitude to L-DOPA became one of detached and humorous resignation, as did her attitude to her own symptoms and disabilities; she ceased to envy the patients who were flying aloft on L-DOPA, or to view with identificatory terror those patients who had done badly on the drug []