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idlesse (uncountable)

  1. (obsolete) idleness
    • 1596, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Qveene. [], London: [] [John Wolfe] for VVilliam Ponsonbie, OCLC 960102938, book 6, canto 2, page 378:
      All which my daies I haue not lewdly spent,
      Nor spilt the blossome of my tender yeares
      In ydlesse.
    • 1834, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Francesca Carrara, volume 3, page 143:
      A maiden was seated apart from her companion, the very flowers scattered neglected by her side; but it was obvious that idlesse—that first sweet symptom of love—was pleasanter than her graceful task; for the colour was rich upon her cheek, and the smile parted her scarce conscious lips.
    • 1838, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “Earth and her Praisers” in The Seraphim, and Other Poems, London: Saunders & Otley, p. 242,[1]
      Next a lover, with a dream
      ’Neath his waking eyelids hidden;
      And a frequent sigh unbidden'
      And an idlesse all the day
      Beside a wandering stream;