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Late Latin idolum, from Ancient Greek εἴδωλον (eídōlon, image, idol).


idolomancy (uncountable)

  1. Divination by idols, images or figures.
    • 1652 Gaule The Magastromancer xix.
      Idolomancy, by Idolls, Images, Figures...
    • 1973 Gibson Complete Illust. Bk Div. &ast Prophecy
      IDOLOMANCY: Use of idols or images for purposes of divination. The answers may come through dreams, by drawing lots, or anything else that believers may attribute to the power of such images. Some ancient oracles belonged in this category, and pagan priests often spoke from within hollow statues to give direct replies to questions regarding the future. In many cases, idolomancy has been closely identified with demonomancy, in as much as the idols simply represent the demons who are supposed to inhabit them when properly invoked.