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Alternative forms[edit]


immanent +‎ -ize


immanentize (third-person singular simple present immanentizes, present participle immanentizing, simple past and past participle immanentized)

  1. To make immanent.
    • 1980, Thomas Steven Molnar, Theists and atheists: a typology of non-belief[1], page 126:
      These revelations, however, soon distort God's revelation and immanentize it through a political choice.
    • 1984, Fred Lawrence, The Beginning and the beyond: papers from the Gadamer and Voegelin[2], volume 4, page 82:
      As we will see in more detail in the next section, our anticipation of a world-cultural network of communities not only does not immanentize Christian eschatology, but takes its stand on the world-transcendent objective of Christian []
    • 1998, Edward Craig, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Genealogy to Iqbal[3], page 212:
      The impact is to immanentize divine volition.

Related terms[edit]