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imminency (plural imminencies)

  1. (archaic) imminence
    • 1918, John L. B. Williams, A.M., Fighting France[1]:
      His career as editor had been long enough, however, for him to impress upon the minds of the French public the imminency of the Prussian Peril.
    • 1867, James Parton, Famous Americans of Recent Times[2]:
      For Mr. Madison the caucus was unanimous, but there was a difference with regard to the Vice-Presidency, then filled by the aged George Clinton of New York, who represented the anti-Virginian wing of the party in power. Mr. Calhoun, in a set speech, opposed the renomination of Governor Clinton, on the ground that in the imminency of a war with England the Republican party ought to present an unbroken front.