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imposure (countable and uncountable, plural imposures)

  1. (rare) The act of imposing.
    • 1963, W. M. Kephart, "Experimental Family Organization: An Historico-Cultural Report on the Oneida Community," William M. Kephart, Marriage and Family Living, vol. 25, no. 3, p. 265:
      Conformity was maintained through a patterned series of social controls which, contrary to the usual system of imposure, actually emanated from within the membership.
    • 1992, Susan Tiefenbrun, "Semiotics and Martin Luther King's ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’," Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature, vol. 4, no. 2, p. 257:
      Just as the imposure of a code limits the entropy of system, be it aesthetic, legal or other, so the semantic context of a text limits and controls the interpretation of its coded message.
    • 2007, "Who is bothered by the gambling business?," New Europe: The European Weekly, 20 Nov. (retrieved 9 Feb. 2009):
      According to the CORPORATE INCOME IMPOSURE LAW, a tax for numerical games such as toto, lotto or lottery will be imposed only on what’s left after you subtract the winnings from the income.



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