in éadan

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Alternative forms[edit]


in éadan (governs the genitive case or a possessive determiner)

  1. against (in a contrary direction to; in physical opposition to, or in collision with; in opposition to)
  2. at intervals of (followed by a singular noun referring to a period of time, preceded by the definite article)
    in éadan an lae ― every day, daily (adverb)

Derived terms[edit]


Person Normal Emphatic
1st person sing. i m'éadan i m'éadansa
2d person sing. i d'éadan i d'éadansa
3d sing. masc. ina éadan ina éadansan
3d sing. fem. ina héadan ina héadansa
1st person pl. inár n-éadan inár n-éadanna
2d person pl. in bhur n-éadan in bhur n-éadansa
3d person pl. ina n-éadan ina n-éadansan