in aghaidh

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Alternative forms[edit]



in aghaidh (governs the genitive case or a possessive determiner)

  1. contrary to
  2. opposed to, against
    an comhrac in aghaidh na sceimhlitheoireachta
    the fight against terrorism
    • 1981, An Bíobla Naofa, Matthew 18:21:
      A Thiarna, cé mhéad uair ba cheart dom pardún a thabhairt do mo bhráthair nuair a chiontaíonn i m’aghaidh?
      O Lord, how many times must I forgive my brother when he sins against me?
  3. (sports) versus



Person Normal Emphatic
1st person sing. i m'aghaidh i m'aghaidhse
2d person sing. i d'aghaidh i d'aghaidhse
3d sing. masc. ina aghaidh ina aghaidhsean
3d sing. fem. ina haghaidh ina haghaidhse
1st person pl. inár n-aghaidh inár n-aghaidhne
2d person pl. in bhur n-aghaidh in bhur n-aghaidhse
3d person pl. ina n-aghaidh ina aghaidhsean