in cassum

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Alternative forms[edit]


From in (in) +‎ cassum (hollow, empty), accusative of cassus.


in cassum (not comparable)

  1. in vain
    In cassum cadunt omnia tua promissa.
    All your promises are in vain.
    • c. 194 BCE, Plautus, Poenulus 360:
      Bene promittis multa ex multis: omnia in cassum cadunt.
      You promise many things to many people: they all prove to be in vain.
      You pile up fine promises sky-high: down they all drop to nothing. (translated by Paul Nixon, Plautus IV (Loeb), 1980, p. 37)
    • 27 BCE – 25 BCE, Titus Livius, Ab urbe condita libri 2.49:
      In cassum missae preces.
      The prayers were sent in vain.