in route

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  • IPA(key): /ɪnˈɹut/, /ɪnˈɹaʊt/, /n̩ˈɹut/

Prepositional phrase[edit]

in route

  1. (somewhat nonstandard) Alternative form of en route
    • 2001, Michael James Jaquish, Tales of a Country Cop in Africa, page 64
      As soon as the Varda transmission stopped, I grabbed the mic. "602- Okanogan... I'm in route to the Varda location from my office. Be advised Varda number four is City Center Motors. Request back up."
    • 2002, Luwillis Gibson, The Witch's Brew, page 268
      "In fact, my dear, you didn't know, until now, you were on this weird gigantic space ship, with so many others in route to the same place on the same mission," he laughed.
    • 2010, Hyrum M. Smith, Eli Hawkins: Last Survivor of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, page 238
      The southern route passed south, down the Wasatch Front, to Cedar City, Utah, where it joined the Old Spanish Trail and passed through Mountain Meadows in route to Los Angeles.