in the light of

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in the light of

  1. In the illumination from (a source of light).
    In the light of the Sun
    • 2007, Lawrence A. Hoffman (editor), My People′s Prayer Book: Traditional Prayers, Modern Commentaries, Volume 1: The Sh′ma and Its Blessings, page 51,
      The angels lived endlessly in the light of God′s chariot, praising God by saying “Holy, Holy, Holy,” just as Isaiah had seen.
  2. (figuratively, chiefly UK and Canada) Based on conclusions derived from (a source of knowledge, evidence or inspiration).
    • 1980, Catherine of Siena, Suzanne Noffke (translator), The Dialogue, Paulist Press, New Jersey, page 365,
      In the light of faith I gain wisdom in the wisdom of the Word your Son; in the light of faith I am strong, constant, persevering; in the light of faith I have hope: It does not let me faint along the way.
    • 2005, Simon Blackburn, “hermeneutic circle," entry in The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, page 165,
      Similarly, we may hold that the past can only be understood in the light of the present, and the present only understood in the light of the past.
    • 2007, Jane Holder, Maria Lee, Environmental Protection, Law and Policy: Text and Materials, page 712,
      In the light of cases such as this, one should perhaps be careful about suggesting general disapproval of ‘consumer’ objections to wind farm development.

Derived terms[edit]