trouser department

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the trouser department

  1. (euphemistic) A man's penis, or its attributes.
    • 1991, Maeve Haran, Having It All:
      From what Mel had said about Garth's attributes in the trouser department, he'd keep falling over his own equipment.
    • 1997, Alina Reyes, David Watson, Behind Closed Doors
      Rose wondered if there was something wrong with him in the trouser department. There was a thing her father used to say about boys pulling their foreskin back or it wouldn't work properly when the time came.
    • 2009, Kate Copstick, Jamie Maclean, Sex and the Recession
      The Hummersexual is a man so devoid of attractiveness, and so lacking in the trouser department that he only has a chance of getting laid by getting behind the wheel of the biggest, most ridiculously oversized and overpriced passenger vehicle money can buy
    • 2010, Simon R. Green, The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny
      And I know the location of a treasure so splendid that just breathing its name in your ear will bring tears of joy to your eyes and a definite bulge in the trouser department.