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Blend of incline +‎ elevator



inclinator (plural inclinators)

  1. An elevator that ascends an incline rather than in a vertical shaft.
    • 1939, Los Angeles Board of mechecanicalengineers, Elevator Code Providing for the Construction, Inspection, Maintenance and Operation of Elevators: Ordinance, Issue 81; Issue 827, 54.233 INCLINATOR — CONTROLLER, page 107:
      The push button or other car switch control for operating the inclinator in both directions oftravelshall be magnetically controlled and shall be properly fused being provided with a device for protecting the motor from overload.
    • 2007, Candy Harrington, “Escape to the Springs”, in 101 Accessible Vacations: Travel Ideas for Wheelers and Slow Walkers[1], →ISBN:
      The Valley Station features accessible parking near the entrance and access to the station via a funicular-like lift device called an inclinator.
    • 2008, Zachary M. Schrag, “The Builders, 1972-1976”, in The Great Society Subway: A History of the Washington Metro, JHU Press, →ISBN, page 168:
      Unlike an elevator, which would require its own vertical shaft, an inclinator could share an inclined shaft with the standard escalators, thus simplifying construction and keeping down expense.
  2. A stairlift
    • 1955, Prentice-Hall, Incorporated, Federal Tax Service, page 411:
      The problem in this tax case is whether under the particular facts the cost of an inclinator should be considered a medical expense within Section 23(x) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1939.
    • 1980, Lois Lowry, Autumn Street, →ISBN, page 97:
      I could hear the soft whir of the inclinator and, along with it, my great-aunts' delighted soft laughter.
    • 2011, Norbert M. Lechner, Plumbing, Electricity, Acoustics: Sustainable Design Methods for Architecture[2], →ISBN:
      Since residential elevators are both very expensive and require extra space, the chairlift or inclinator was invented.





  1. second-person singular future passive imperative of inclīnō
  2. third-person singular future passive imperative of inclīnō