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inclose (third-person singular simple present incloses, present participle inclosing, simple past and past participle inclosed)

  1. (now uncommon) Alternative form of enclose
    • 1727, John Ray, The wisdom of God manifested in the works of the Creation[1], page 225:
      Vesalius (saith he) and others, make it a Peculiarity to Man, that the Pericardium, or Bag that incloses the Heart, should be fastned to the Diaphragm.
    • 1776, J. Justamond, A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies[2], translation of original by Abbé Resnal:
      From the stock, as well as from the branches, rises a jonquil flower, the pistil of which contains the husk which incloses the fruit.
    • 1898, Walter Tennyson Swingle, The grain smuts: how they are caused and how to prevent them[3]:
      The spores of the covered smut are often retained till harvest by a thin membrane inclosing the smutted kernel and chaff, while the naked smut is usually all blown away long before harvest.