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incommensurable +‎ -ness


incommensurableness (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Incommensurability.
    • 1865, John Spare, The Differential Calculus, Boston: Bradley, Dayton & Co., p. 175:
      In view of this incommensurableness of most numbers and their respective logarithms, only an approximate definition can be given of a logarithm in general.
    • 1907, J. Arthur Thomson and Margaret R. Thomson (translators), Rudolf Otto (author), Naturalism And Religion, ch. 9:
      The incommensurableness and mystery of the world, which are, perhaps, even more necessary to the very life of religion than the right to regard it teleologically, reassert themselves afresh in the all-too-comprehensible and mathematically-formulated world.
    • 1984, William Ernest Hocking, "Action and Certainty" in John Dewey: The later works, 1925-1953, Volume 5, →ISBN, p. 466:
      The non-correspondence between meaning and working begins in the process of conception, as incommensurableness between objects and interests.