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From Ind(ija) ‎(India) +‎ -isks.


indisks (def. indiskais, comp. indiskāks, sup. visindiskākais; adv. indiski)

  1. Indian (relating to the peoples, languages and cultures of India, or to India itself)
    indiska atziņaIndian cognition, thought
    indisks motīvsIndian motif
    jūsu dzejolis esot īsti indisks — your poem is, they say, truly Indian
    tas ir kaut kas austrumniecisks, indisks, šamanisks — this is something oriental, Indian, shamanistic


Usage notes[edit]

English “Indian” as an attributive adjective usually corresponds in Latvian to indiešu, the genitive plural form of indietis. The adjective indisks is commonly used as a predicate (“this is Indian”), or in its adverbial form indiski.

Related terms[edit]