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From Ind(ija) (India) +‎ -isks.


indisks (definite indiskais, comparative indiskāks, superlative visindiskākais, adverb indiski)

  1. Indian (relating to the peoples, languages and cultures of India, or to India itself)
    indiska atziņaIndian cognition, thought
    indisks motīvsIndian motif
    jūsu dzejolis esot īsti indisksyour poem is, they say, truly Indian
    tas ir kaut kas austrumniecisks, indisks, šamanisksthis is something oriental, Indian, shamanistic

Usage notes[edit]

English “Indian” as an attributive adjective usually corresponds in Latvian to indiešu, the genitive plural form of indietis. The adjective indisks is commonly used as a predicate (“this is Indian”), or in its adverbial form indiski.


Related terms[edit]