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indispensability (countable and uncountable, plural indispensabilities)

  1. The characteristic of being indispensable.
    • 1869, Charles Dickens The Uncommercial Traveller, ch. 11:
      In thinly-peopled spots, I have known brick-layers on tramp, coming up with bricklayers at work, to be so sensible of the indispensability of lookers-on, that they themselves have sat up in that capacity, and have been unable to subside into the acceptance of a proffered share in the job, for two or three days together.
  2. Something indispensable.
    • 2016, Kubo and the Two Strings (movie)
      Beetle: Yes, I am certain I can be helpful. Indispensable!
      Monkey: In what way?
      [Beetle displays his ability with bow and arrow, firing multiple arrows on the same spot]
      Beetle: Just tell me of our quest, and I will immediately demonstrate my numerous indispensabilities.