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From Italian infamità.


infamita (countable and uncountable, plural infamitas)

  1. A most heinous act against one's own family, or against family life in general.
    • 1977, Luigi Giorgio Barzini, O America, When You and I Were Young,[1] Harper & Row, →ISBN, page 244,
      And why, if he had betrayed his own, did he not turn to his enemies for protection, as all traitors do? I imagined he must have committed one of those unforgivable Sicilian crimes, an infamità so serious that everybody must condemn him, his family, his allies as well as his enemies; one of those mysterious violations of the unwritten code to punish which rivalries, feuds, and gang wars were temporarily suspended; […]
    • 1984, Mario Puzo, The Sicilian,[2] Linden Press/Simon & Schuster, →ISBN, page 236,
      Don Croce sells information to the government and to me that is an infamita.
    • 2002, Jane Kathleen Curry, John Guare: A Research and Production Sourcebook,[3] Greenwood Publishing, →ISBN, pages 34–5,
      Philip teaches the children the Sicilian concept of omerta or silence and warns them not to commit infamita, or the telling of family secrets.