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infosec (uncountable)

  1. Information security.
    • 1999, Fred B Schneider, Trust in Cyberspace‎
      The plan also emphasizes technology transfer to the infosec side of NSA...
    • 2005, Robert Schperberg, Kenneth C Brancik, Cybercrime: Incident Response and Digital Forensics
      Analysis of the intersection between infosec and computer forensics.
    • 2006, Jack R Greene, The Encyclopedia of Police Science‎
      Information security (infosec) is "the protection of information and its critical elements, including the systems and hardware that use, store, and transmit...
    • 2006, Gary McGraw, Software Security: Building Security In
      This was just plain deceitful and wrong, but the infosec people were too clueless ... This hampered infosec's ability to apply modern analysis techniques...