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  1. present participle of ingather
    • 1882, Henry Kendall, The Poems of Henry Kendall[1]:
      And, across the gleaming beaches, lo! the mighty flow and fall Of the great ingathering waters thundering under Wamberal!


ingathering (plural ingatherings)

  1. The gathering in of a literal or metaphorical harvest
    • 1886, Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge[2]:
      From that day and hour it was clear that there was not to be so successful an ingathering after all.
    • 1920, Emile Joseph Dillon, The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference[3]:
      The peasant obtained also the seed, but this he was obliged to return to the state after the ingathering of the harvest.
    • 1994 July 1, Adam Langer, “The Last Days of the House of David”, in Chicago Reader[4]:
      Not until the ingathering are we talking about Eden.
    • 2012 January 3, Ralph Benko, “Daniel Yergin's The Quest”, in Forbes[5]:
      ... infuses a rich ingathering of information and analysis with the narrative power of a McMurtry, ...