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ingenuity +‎ -ive


  • IPA(key): /ˌɪndʒəˈn(j)uːətɪv/


ingenuitive (comparative more ingenuitive, superlative most ingenuitive)

  1. (nonstandard) Possessing ingenuity; ingenious.
    • 1999 April 28, Eugene Chiaramonte, “The Auxer Group, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Hardyston Distributors”, Business Wire, Business Wire Newswire
      "Hardyston Distributors is a solid small but growing company. Mr. Ernest DeSaye Jr. is an enthusiastic and ingenuitive individual who has worked extremely hard in developing a nice niche in the marketplace...."
    • 2003 June 1, Ben Connor, ‘Good Buddha & tzu: "middle-class wiggers from the underside". (Peer Reviewed Paper)’, Youth Studies Australia, Australian Clearing House for Youth Studies
      First, hip hop originated in the ghettos as a cheap and ingenuitive means of entertainment: it was the instrumental side of a record...with a guy on a microphone talking to the crowd.
    • 2003 August, Sue Roaf, Ecohouse 2, page 377, Architectural Press
      The local building restrictions, and existing site conditions, ...are not available to allow for ingenuitive or passive design features
    • 2004 November, Cristian Macavei, A Series of Robbing Thieves, page 180, Virtualbookworm Publishing
      The ingenuitive men soon found a large archway leading to the outside of the cave.
    • 2006 February, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wall-paper, page 111, Ohio University Press
      Not to be overly ingenuitive, but “him” is exactly, verbally equidistant between “baby” and “John”
    • 2015, Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton, Act I, “Guns and Ships”
      'Cause he knows what to do in the trench, ingenuitive, and fluent in French,'