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inimic (comparative more inimic, superlative most inimic)

  1. (rare) Inimical.[1]
    • 1906, Thomas Hardy, The Dynasts, Part 2, Act 4, Sc. 5:
      DUMB SHOW: The French are seen descending into the valley, crossing it, and climbing it on the English side under the fire of HILL'S whole division, all to no purpose. In their retreat they leave behind them on the slopes nearly two thousand lying.
      SPIRIT OF THE PITIES: What do I see but thirsty, throbbing bands
      From these inimic hosts defiling down
      In homely need towards the little stream
      That parts their enmities
    • 2008, Pia Acconci, "Chapter 10: Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment" in The Oxford Handbook of International Investment Law, ISBN 9780199231386, page 381:
      This issue occurs when the relationship between a host state and a foreign investor becomes inimic and a dispute arises.



  1. ^ Oxford English Dictionary, second edition (1989)



Borrowing from Latin inimicus.


inimic m (plural inimici)

  1. Alternative form of inamic