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innerduce (third-person singular simple present innerduces, present participle innerducing, simple past and past participle innerduced)

  1. Pronunciation spelling of introduce.
    • 1952, Flannery O’Connor, Wise Blood, reprinted in Three by Flannery O’connor, Signet Classic (1983), →ISBN, page 85:
      “Friends,” he called, “I want to innerduce you to the True Prophet here and I want you all to listen to his words because I think they’re going to make you happy like they’ve made me!”
    • 1958, Tai-yi Lin, Wu-shuang Lin, The Eavesdropper, World Publishing Company, page 243:
      [] that’d just give me time to show you the ropes—you know, innerduce you to my contacts, set you up, so to speak—that is, if you react favorably to my proposition.
    • 2008, Art Rooney Jr. and Roy McHugh, Ruanaidh: The Story of Art Rooney and His Clan, →ISBN, page 454:
      The owner was grabbing my arm. “I wanna innerduce you to these fellows. They’re special people.”