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in- +‎ organize


inorganize (third-person singular simple present inorganizes, present participle inorganizing, simple past and past participle inorganized)

  1. To disrupt the organization of; disorganize.
    • 1955, Dental echo - Volume 25, page 71:
      It serves to silicify and inorganize organic substances, especially to inorganize and disinfect carious dentine.
    • 1975, J Valin & JC Bruyere, Thin layer magnetic structures for binary information stores (US Patent 3,880,602):
      Said coercive magnetic field is made of an increased apparent value from providing one of the faces of such a structure with a thin lamina of a magnetic material having a rigid magnetic lattice which is randomly inorganized at the microscopic scale.
    • 2017, Pirkko Moisala, ‎Taru Leppänen, ‎& Milla Tiainen, Musical Encounters with Deleuze and Guattari, →ISBN, page 170:
      For Deleuze, this inorganized, intensive body can find its expression in works of art where the struggle against representation is able to reveal pure presence, as in the paintings of Francis Bacon.