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interdisciplinary +‎ -ly


interdisciplinarily (not comparable)

  1. In an interdisciplinary way.
    • 1950, Proceedings - Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Annual Convention, volume 64-69, Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, page 84:
      There have now been other colleges which have taken up comparable and analogous programs, all with, in my opinion, very beneficial results — beneficial upon requiring teachers to teach interdisciplinarily, interdepartmentally, to confer more fully on how they were teaching and what the results were, and very provocative and heartening for the students in arousing and broadening their vision of what higher education ought for them to be about and to yield.
    • 1956, Proceedings of the conference on research in the children's field, Chicago, Illinois, April 4-7, 1956, National Association of Social Workers, page 298:
      Social work, although—and perhaps because—it is an interdisciplinarily instructed and interprofesionally dependent profession, has a better chance than most other professions to test knowledge in practice.
    • 2012, Rosemarie Buikema, Theories and Methodologies in Postgraduate Feminist Research: Researching Differently, page 161:
      Therefore, it would have been more difficult for this scholar to stay within the framework of her discipline than to work interdisciplinarily.